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Each research project is tailor made to provide the best results.  Obtaining rich consumer insight and new ideas is accomplished through the use of creative techniques.  Creative Waves Research provides:


Interviewing and Focus Groups - In-person and web-assisted focus groups tailored to fit the needs of the projects, as well as One-on-One, Dyad and Triad interviewing.


Copy and Ad Testing - Communication checks on storyboards, animatics, print and web design - whether it is fully produced or a seed of an idea.


Pharmaceutical Research - Discussions that establish a comfort level with the respondent first. Experience with sensitive topics, patient journeys and device assessments among patients, doctors, hospital staff and caretakers.


Research with Young Respondents - Experience with getting children, teens and millenials to share thoughts and feelings.


Ethnographic Research - Whether it be exploring a kitchen cabinet, a child's playroom, or following a family for a night out, ethnographic research allows one to be in the surroundings that are important to a product or service.


Idea Generation Sessions - Energized brainstorming sessions that help clients generate ideas for products, services and strategies.


At Shelf Research - Understanding buying behavior, packaging that pops and product placement help clients see what happens when their product is placed on shelf within their competitive set.

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