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Creative Waves Research

Founded in 1995, Creative Waves Research is a full service qualitative research company.  The goal of Creative Waves Research is to provide qualitative research and brainstorming sessions with integrity, efficiency and a creative flair.  Each project is managed with professionalism, a strategic outlook, a sense of adventure and attention to details.



Mary Beth Keller is no stranger to qualitative research. In 1982, as a bank management trainee, Mary Beth was chosen for her people skills to conduct problem-solving group discussions with bank employees. Then in 1987, she was again called upon to conduct focus groups to assess the educational needs of executive level employees at Manufacturers Hanover Bank.


After those positive experiences, Mary Beth sought out a market research career and was hired in 1988 by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising to conduct qualitative research. After seven years, Mary Beth chose to provide qualitative research services full time and established Creative Waves Research.


As an independent consultant, Mary Beth has seen through the following types of projects:

  • Understanding the pragmatic and emotional benefits of such products as bar soap, laundry detergent, plastic wrap, analgesics, prescription drugs, cereals, yogurts, gum, food products and consumer services to develop effective strategies and advertising.
  • Creating new cereals, fruit snacks, yogurts, pizzas and novelties.
  • Identifying ways to communicate to younger audiences, as well as attract children to kids clubs, in-pack premiums, commercials, movie posters and new products.
  • Uncovering the underlying emotions associated with health issues, travel, military careers, personal hygiene, banking, food choices, leisure activities and pharmaceuticals.
  • Numerous copy and creative testing of television, print, radio, web and billboard advertising.
  • Encouraging a trusting environment to help patients reveal emotions and behaviors associated with sensitive medical issues such as bedwetting, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, mental health issues, feminine hygiene and other topics.
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